2nd Italian shrimp contest 2018 reportage
Small reportage about the second Italian shrimp contest held in Anzio between the 4th and 6th of may 2018.
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italian shrimp contest 2018

2nd Italian shrimp contest 2018 reportage

In this post I’ll write a little reportage about the second Italian Shrimp Contest that was held in Anzio (RM), a small city near Rome, between the 4th and the 6th of May 2018.

The contest was organized by Vincenzo Spasiano, owner of Aquarium Shrimp House with help of some friends and the support of well known national and international companies such as: Troplant, Dennerle, Aquarium Shrimp House, Garnelen Haus, Qualdrop, Paravis, Fast Pond, Casa Aquatica, Twinstar Iberica, Aquaray, Saltybee, Liquido design, AM&F, Caponi Arte, and Acquaviva Acquari.
The contest was created with the aim of promoting our hobby, gather breeders together and raise funds for charity.

On Vincenzo invitation to take part of the jury, I booked the flight from Tromsø to Rome and as last year I arrived in Fiumicino Friday evening.

At the arrivals, Vincenzo was waiting to pick me up, and his son Antonio drove us home, a delicious dinner made by Vincenzo’s wife Lina was waiting for us.

The following morning we went to the multipurpose hall of AQ International in which the contest was held and we arranged a couple things before the opening.

Inside the hall beside the Italian Shrimp Contest, there were several booths: Aquarium Shrimp, Troplant, Paravis, Liquido design, Fast Pond, Aquaviva acquari and Casa Aquatica.

The jury was composed by me, Carmine Mazzei and Gennaro Lamba; Mario Portera unfortunately at last couldn’t be present. We adopted the method used last year, so we judged individually all the tanks using the last updated criteria and the final score of each tank was the average of the 3 score given by the different judges.

Let’s speak about the tank setup, the tanks used were 50 Dennerle nano cube 10L  with anthracite quartz soil covering the bottom, air filter and a couple of balls of Aegagropila linnaei, the light was provided by a custom-made led light.


italian shrimp contest

Tanks setup at the Italian shrimp contest

Categories were following:

A Red Bee (A-SSS)

B Black Bee (A-SSS)

C Other Stable Bee (Crystal Super Red | White Bee)

D Taiwan Bee (Panda | Wine | KingKong | Ruby | Hulk | Mosura | Hinomaru)

E Tiger (Red | Red oe | Blue | Prussian | Royal | Black)

F Davidi (Red | Yellow | Orange)

G Davidi (Green | Blue | Chocolate)

H German Pinto (Black | Red)

I Taitibee (Zebra | Skunk | Backline | Fishbone | other Taitibee)

Why categories and some criteria was different then the suggested on my website?
Because my criteria and categories proposal are just a proposal and everybody can use and modify them according to their need, in fact, there were less than 50 tanks filled with shrimps so the number of categories was reduced, in order to avoid empty categories or categories with too little participants.

After the assessment, I checked the scores and together with Davide Quaranta, Antonio Spasiano and we made the classification.

How about the classification?

A Red Bee (A-SSS)
1 st Filocrate De Sipio
2 nd Alessandro De Felice
3 rd Roberto Starita

B Black Bee (A-SSS)
1 st Roberto Starita
2 nd Francesco Landi
3 rd Alessandro Lauricella

C Other Stable Bee (Crystal Super Red | White Bee)
1 st Alessandro De Felice
2 nd Francesco Landi
3 rd Yassine Fatah

D Taiwan Bee (Panda | Wine | KingKong | Ruby | Hulk | Mosura | Hinomaru)
1 st Antonio del Guacchio
2 nd Carmine Orza
3 rd Carmine Esposito

F Tiger (Red | Red oe | Blue | Prussian | Royal | Black)
1 st Mirko Spalla
2 nd Eugenia Talerico
3 rd Christian Veneri

G Davidi (Red | Yellow | Orange)
1 st Matteo Pompa
2 nd Riccardo Laudani
3 rd Emanuele Scalicci

H Davidi (Green | Blue | Chocolate)
1 st Massimo Spineda
2 nd Matteo Pompa
3 rd Alessandro De Felice

I German Pinto (Black | Red)
1 st Marco Tomassetti
2 nd Cesare Mancini
3 rd Antonio del Guacchio

L Taitibee (Zebra | Skunk | Backline | Fishbone | other Taitibee)
1 st Marius Eusebio
2 nd Rino Ferrante
3 rd Rino Ferrante

Best in show:
Mirko Spalla

This time I didn’t took many pictures, and I struggled to get usable pictures because of low light (I couldn’t fit the flash between the custom light ant the tank) so here a couple of random shrimps pictures.

During the evening we had a common dinner in a local restaurant and after that, I went out in Nettuno, a nearby city with the youngs and we spent the night in the medieval castle town, which I found to be nice and full of nightlife.

On Sunday there was a nice Aquascaping workshop by Troplant and I also had to hold a workshop about shrimps genetics.

I have to say thank you to Vincenzo’s family for the hospitality and for putting a lot of effort into making this event become possible and of course a thank you to all the collaborators and people that were present.  Organizing an event of this kind require a lot of time and money, even if is a small event.
On a sad note, several personal problems born between breeders and keepers in the past months affected the participation at the event. This kind of things regardless of the motivation are only destroying events and other initiative act to promote the hobby, I can see that happening in other countries as well and I can only hope that on a medium-long term won’t cause the end of shrimps related especially the smaller one.

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