2nd Italian Shrimp Contest 2018
2nd edition of the Italian Shrimp Contest held the 4-6 may 2018 in Anzio
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italian shrimp contest 2018

2nd Italian Shrimp Contest 2018

Hi everybody,

during the lasts months I had several invitations to take part in contests as a judge but unfortunately, I didn’t had time for it. As the exams are over for this semester I’ll be present at the second edition of the Italian Shrimp Contest, which will be held in Anzio (RM) the between the 4th and the 6th of may.

The Italian Shrimp Contest is organized by Vincenzo Spasiano (owner of  Aquarium Shrimp House) and some of his friends with the support of well known national and international companies.

italian shrimp contest 2018

As some non-Italian speaking friends asked me for more details, here I will put together some useful information:

What? Italian Shrimp Contest

When? 4-6 may 2018

Where? AQInternational, Sala “Luci nel Blu”, Via Stradone del Sandalo 27, 00042 Anzio (RM), Italy

How can I reach the place? Anzio is located few km away from Rome, if you arrive by plane, is good to know that there are trains that go from Rome to Anzio every 30 minutes to every hour, depending on the day.  If you take the train take the line Roma Termini – Nettuno and stop at Padiglione which is close to the fair. It’s cheap, you can avoid the traffic and the journey take around half an hour. However public bus service are also available. For timetables see http://www.atac.roma.it/ and http://www.trenitalia.com/ or http://www.fsitaliane.it/

Judges: Sebastian Prati (CH), Mario Portera (DE), Giandomenico Chieffo (I) and Carmine Mazzei (I)


Judging criteria used: Shrimps judging criteria 2016 second version developed by Sebastian Prati

Registration fee: 18 € for each set, if you leave the set for the auction the money raised by the auction will be split between the breeder and the organization (70% breeder and 30% organization).

Registration dead line: 01/05/2018

Shrimp delivery dead line: 03/05/2018


Friday 4th may 2018
11:00 Opening
Day dedicated to local schools from Anzio and Nettuno

Saturday 5th may 2018
10.30 Opening
From now on you will find live painting by Andre Caponi (Winner 2016 of Biennial art show Pomezia), booths of various companies (Aquarium Shrimp House, Troplant, Paravis Acquari, Liquido Design, FastPond, Aquaviva Acquari and Qualdrop) and ticket for the charity shrimps raffle to support Leonardo di Ceglie
11.30 Beginning of shrimps evaluation by judges and live aquascaping by Troplant team
17.00 Workshop by Davide Farina: biochemistry in the aquarium
19.00 Closing
21.00 Common dinner, for reservation and more information, check the facebook page  Italian Shrimp Contest Cena Comunitaria
19.00 Shrimps auction (shrimps will be picked up only at the end of the event)

Sunday 6th May 2018
11.00 Opening
11.30 Italian Shrimp Contest award ceremony (best in show prize will be delivered at the end of the event)
14.00 Workshop by Sebastian Prati: Shrimps genetics and long-term selective breeding issues
15.30 Workshop by Gennarlo Lamba and Luca Esposito: How to set up a shrimp tank
17.00 Workshop by Nicholas Mazzei: Plants farming in greenhouse
18.30 Flash mob cured by Angela Mazza (Progetto Danza) and Alessio Capaldo (Hip-hop teacher)
19.00 Closing

As you may know by other events, times are indicative.

For any additional information don’t hesitate to contact me, hope to see you there, and don’t forget to register here:

italian shrimp contest 2018

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