After contest, proposal and reflections part I
After contest proposal and reflections for new judging criteria part I
After contest proposal and reflections part I, shrimp contest criteria, shrimp criteria, shrimps criteria, shrimps contest, shrimps judging criteria
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After contest, proposal and reflections part I

After the contest I thought about categories, what worked and what didn’t worked so I would like to propose new categories and hear your opinions:
New categories proposal:

  • Red bee (A-SSS)
  • Black bee (A-SSS)
  • Striped tiger (red/red oe/blue)
  • Solid tiger (prussian/royal/black)
  • Banded Taiwan bee(panda/ wine/kink kong/ruby/ hulk/ mosura/hinomaru)
  • Solid Bee and Taiwan bee (black diamond/red diamond/blue bolt/red bolt/snow white)
  • Other stable bee (crystal super red/crystal super red/ white bee)
  • Mixed stable crossbreed (taitibee spotted/ taitibee zebra/taitibee skunk/taitibee backline/ taitibee fishbone)
  • Solid stable crossbreed (yellow kk, steel blue, steel red, vesty)
  • Unstable crossbreed (tibee, tangtai, etc)
  • Warm solid color Neocaridina (red, yellow, orange)
  • Cold/dark solid color Neocaridina (green, blue, black, chocolate)
  • Rili type Neocaridina

Instead of:

  • Red bee (a-s)
  • Black bee (a-s)
  • Red bee (ss-sss)
  • Black bee (ss-sss)
  • Red tiger/blue tiger
  • Solid tiger
  • Taiwan bee
  • Snow white/golden/red blue bolt
  • Other sable varieties (super red, white bee)
  • Hybrid stable varieties (pinto, skunk, backline, steel blue and other crossing)
  • Hybrid unstable varieties (tigerbee, taitibee and other crossing)
  • Neocaridina davidi solid red
  • Neocaridina davidi solid yellow
  • Neocaridina davidi other solid varieties
  • Neocaridina davidi rili



category 1-2:

  1. In the last two years I always saw few shrimps in category 1, 2 and 4, most of the shrimps are in category 3, it’s useless to have 4 categories for few shrimps or for no shrimps
  2. Shrimps are judged in the same way so is not important if is a S or a SSS both have the same opportunity to win, judgment goes on quality of shrimps not on shrimps grade

Category 3-4:

  1. Both category are working well so they remain the same as the old category 5 and 6, only the name changed

Category 5-6:

  1. Taiwan have to be splitted, because extreme or diamond can have better chance against banded shrimps as the color of band can’t be judged, so I suggest to judge them like a solid color shrimp
  2. Solid color bee and Taiwan can be judged in a very similar way

Category 7:

  1. This category is working well so remain the same as the old category 9

Category 8-9:

  1. Having only a category of stable crossbreed nowadays is problematic because this shrimps are becoming more popular
  2. Splitting crossbreed in solid color and mixed will avoid problem due to the higher chance of solid color shrimp to have better score (for example: recent contest in Paris show this problem with yellow kk against all other shrimps in same category)
  3. Solid shrimps can be judged in a similar way and make easier the work of judges

Category 10:

  1. Work, so remain the same as the old category 11

Category 11-12:

  1. Red is still a popular color, yellow and orange are becoming less popular contrariwise black, blue and chocolate have increased in lasts years, and now we often have more shrimps with those colors as the classic ones. Splitting them in two categories which are fair partitioned make more sin.
  2. Red, yellow and orange are similar color, but they will be anyway judged separately
  3. Blue, chocolate and black are also similar and will be separately judged, moreover the points given by the originality of the shrimps are no more actual and the shrimps have to be judged in a similar way as red and yellow

Category 13:

  1. Work well so can remain the same as the old category 15

Any suggestion is well accepted 🙂

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