My Norwegian experience (part I)
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My Norwegian experience (part I)

Hi everybody,
as usual, I appear and disappear like a ghost,  writing inconstantly, but here I’m again.  In the last post, I wrote a while ago, I was telling what my plan was, well plan as usual changed a little bit he he.

So I give you some update, I arrived in Oslo the 15th of July and I meet Nora Marie Andresen at the Station, was nice to see her again, and we spent few hours drinking beer and speaking. I spent then another day in Oslo just going around the city before getting to a train and make almost 22 hours trip up to Bodø where I wanted to start my hike.

First view of the fjell by train

I arrived in Bodø around 9.00 under constant rain,  I walked around the city and after few hour the rain stopped.

bodø havnBodø Havn

As I saw there was still snow high in the mountains I started to ask information around and after a while, I managed to get some information about the hiking conditions from a couple of backpackers. They told me that due to the heavy rains of the last days the rivers were too high and they weren’t able to cross them, so I decided to take a bus to Narvik the same day and the day. The landscape was really nice and at one point we had to take the ferry to cross a fjord, 20 minutes ferry with Lofoten on the background.

Lofoten on the background

I Arrived in Narvik late in the Night and the day after I took another bus to Abisko in Sweden where I was finally able to start my journey along the Nordkalottenruta.

 Lot of dried food just in case

And here at the start, 28 kg fully loaded waterproof backpack ready for a nice walk in the rain

björklidenJust a little stream on the way

abiskoLot of water coming down from the mountains

björklidenNice small canyon along the path

abisko  Slowly getting near the treeline

abiskoThe vegetation gradually change

norway sweden borderBack in Norway


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