My Norwegian experience (part III)
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My Norwegian experience (part III)

I was able to enjoy amazing landscapes and get to know interesting people that I encountered during the hike.
I was not used to 24 h of light and I was quite hyperactive so basically, I often hiked from 4-5 to 22-23, with only very short breaks to eat or drink when I remembered, I was very focused on hiking and my eyes and mind were lost in the surrounding nature. I only noticed that I was getting addicted to that when I realized that I only used my fishing road for around an hour to catch some Arctic charr for meals during the whole trip.

Mountain landscape

Midnight sun at Vuoma – very good lake for big arctic charr

Down in the valley

The winter can be tough for reindeer

 Nice salmon river

  No way to cross the river up..well down in the valley and take the way around

From here on, get boring only roads

So at the end I did around 420 km by foot in 10 days including one day stop in a husky farm located in Innset where I spent the day helping two Swiss-German guys painting a new building. By the way, if you are around that area I suggest you to spend one night there, is quite cheap, the owners are really nice and the food is awesome.

Well I arrived the 24th of July (13 days in advance)  in Tromsø and I settled down in my flat on the beautiful island of Kvaløya and as soon as I stopped to hike my body started to claim that I needed to compensate the loss of weight and rest a bit, so I spent the following 3 days eating basically all day long.

I know some of you want to see more and better quality pictures, I made almost all of them quickly with the phone, well I had the camera with me but I only used it very few because I was too lazy to take it out from the backpack, take out part of the stuff, open the dry bag, open the camera bag, take out the camera, take a picture and put everything back before was soaking wet, and very often I was too absorbed observing the surrounding nature to realize I had a proper camera.

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