My Norwegian experience (part IV)
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My Norwegian experience (part IV)

Between my arrival and the beginning of the debutweek (debutuka) I had almost two weeks to explore the island of Kvaløya, so I bought a yearly fishing license on for the northern part of the Island and I spent the days before the beginning of the semester hiking and fishing in the various small mountain lakes.Small mountain lake close to where I live

Reindeer just in front of my flat

View over Kaldfjord from the hill behind my flat

As usual I didn’t went in the recommended lakes and rivers, instead I had a look at the map of the island on which is the best online free map available also for mobile device and I started to randomly chose an area and hike there. Well, in most places I went there were fishes but all small sized, and in some no fish at all but was worth the effort due to the nice views over the fjords .

If you are in the area and want to fish I recommend to buy a year license on as if you buy the daily license and fish for more than 3 days you will spend more than the year license. 😉

View of Grøtfjord

During the introductory week for international students we was able to go in Grøtfjord for a daily trip and we could choose the activity we wanted to do there, guess what? I went out in a boat fishing 😀

We actually caught way too much Makerel and Pollack using hand lines and we had to stop fishing after 2 hours and give away some.

During the summer good sized Makerel are quite abundant, but they are a relatively new fish here as their presence (risale) around 3 years ago. Many fisherman were catching them in good numbers from the bridge that connects Kvaløya to Hakøya a small island, which is located few minutes away from my flat.

The 15th of august the semester started so I started my master in freshwater ecology at UiT which is an English taught master.

In my course, we are in tree master students Ben from California, Mikko from Finland and me. The classes are mixed with other students that do a different type of master and most of the students taking classes are exchange students which allow you to know a lot of interesting people.

As you might know, I have serious problem to stay away from aquariums, so during the first 3 weeks of my stay I build an aquarium shelf from scratch and I bought 3 small aquariums (45l each), to breed some shrimps and cultivate plants, but about aquariums I’ll come back later in another post.

Back to fishing, during the first two months, as the study load wasn’t high, I went out fishing quite often with Mikko, Janne (another Finnish student) and few other peoples or alone.

Mikko introduced me to sea trout fishing, a nice fish I never fished before and I would like to catch more often. Well did I catch some? Yes no, I catch my first 3 trout but I wasn’t able to land them as they got stuck in the kelp and as soon the line got a bit loose they got rid of the barbless hook. First lesson time get some waders and stay in the sea avoiding them to get away in the kelp he he

As soon as the workload increased I stopped almost completely to go fishing and I focused on studying, but I went from time to time fishing in the sea near home to relax a couple of hours.

What about northern light? Well, the first northern light I saw was at the end of August and during September/October, I could see it quite often as the sky was quite clear.

Northern light over Tromsøya

Northen light over Hakøya

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