Paris International Contest 2016 reportage
paris international shrimps contest 2016 reportage by sebastian prati
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vesty shrimp

Paris International Contest 2016 reportage

Well, time has come, the first edition of Paris International Shrimp contest will start tomorrow. It’s Friday morning, I’m a bit sick but this won’t stop me so I take two train to get in Zürich, from there I’ll take the TGV that go directly in Paris Gare de Lyon.

The journey is quite fast and in a bit more than 4 hours I’m in the middle of the station hall trying to find out the quickest way to reach the fair, ok let’s go with metro n1.

After few minutes I’m in front of the Château de Vincennes the French most important fortified castle, just on the opposite side is located Le Parc Floral de Paris, where Animal Expo-Animalis Show, the French biggest pet fair will be held.

The Paris International Shrimp contest it’s hosted by the expo and is situated in a pavilion on the right just after the main entrance. It’s around 16.00 and everybody ( Yoann, Karine, Agnieszka, Miranda, Steve,  Manu, Chiv, Nicolas, Florian, Maxime, Yannick, etc)  are working hard to set up the whole contest structure so I help them as well. Yes, I know it’s late, but a part of the stuff needed for the contest arrived late do to shipping delay and part didn’t arrived at all because was blocked from French customs, so with a bit of improvisation we made it.

We had a Lebanese dinner at 21.00 right? we are already more than half an hours late and still in expo… how about the others? Don’t worry we have posticipated to ten.

So after setting up most of the things, we are ready to go in good Lebanese restaurant, where we will be joined by other breeders.

It’s  around 01.00 and it’s time to go, we still have a lot of work to do. Florian drive me and Karine to Yoann’s hausboot, there we will work together with Yoann on criteria and category, preparing the judging forms and discussing the things to do. In the meantime Gilles, our animator join us in the boot. It’s around five and I fell asleep on the sofa.

After less than two hours I wake up, it’s time to make us ready, we still have to get some stuff for the contest and half hours drive to be at around 8 at expo.

Once there we finished  the last things and checked that all was working before starting to look at the shrimps, well done, it’s all working.

Are you curious about the whole set up?

All right, in the middle of pavilion there is a nice cross structure made of metal that hold up 92 Dennerle nano cube 10L aquariums at a good highness (around 140 cm), making easier to look and judge shrimps. Every tank have a bit of black quartz soil covering the bottom and a sponge filter, light is provided by suspended led tubes.

During the shrimps sorting, as usual, there was a lot of shrimps not correctly registered, sometimes less or more sets, sometimes other shrimps set than registered, and this messed up all the sequence of pre-assigned aquariums.

Some set didn’t arrived on time so we have now 89 effective shrimps set in competition belonging to 22 breeders coming from France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Austria, Poland, Singapore and Taiwan.

We are finally ready for judging, the 11 experienced international judges coming from Poland (Waldemar Kołecki, Rafał Maciaszek and Michał Paczkowski ) France (Yoann Petitjean and David Vandenabeele),  Holland (Corine van Mourik and Monique Klaver), Germany (Mura Kilic), Italy (Cristian Ghia), Austria (Matthias Jesenko) and  Switzerland (me) are waiting for the judging forms. Unfortunately  the Japanese judge (Taishi Konishi) had some issue and couldn’t arrive.
During the judgment, Yoann and me introduced Steve Serratan and  Maxime Jolly to the judging methods.

But how does the whole thing work?

Well, categories and judging method were taken from European Shrimps Contest and improved in the following way:

  • due to the rising amount of hybrids breeded in the lasts years, there was a need to create a category for stable hybrids and one for unstable hybrids.
  • the amount of new varieties increased for the same reason and new criteria were made for them so that almost every variety has his own criteria and could be judged with objectivity
  • judges instead judging the shrimps in couple as usual (two judges for each category) judged alone (three judges for each category) and  the average score was taken as final score

The contest has 15 different categories:

1) Caridina logemanni  var. red bee from a to s

2) Caridina logemanni  var. black bee from a to s

3) Caridina logemanni  var. red bee from ss to sss

4) Caridina logemanni  var. black bee from ss to sss

5) Caridina mariae  var. red tiger and blue tiger

6) Caridina mariae  var. solid tiger (black tiger, royal blue, Prussian blue)

7) Caridina logemanni  var. taiwan bee (king kong, panda,red wine, extreme, etc)

8) Caridina logemanni  var. snow white,  taiwan bee red/blue bolt, steel red/blue, vesty

9) Caridina logemanni  var. other stable varieties (super red, white bee)

10) Caridina hybrids stable varieties  (pinto, skunk, backline and other crossing)

11) Caridina hybrids stable varieties (tigerbee, taitibee and other crossing)

12) Neocaridina davidi solid red (bloodymary, sakura, cherry, fire)

13) Neocaridina davidi solid yellow (yellow fire, yellow fire neon)

14) Neocaridina davidi other solid varieties (chocolate, orange, blue, black, etc)

15) Neocaridina davidi rili (yellow, red, orange, charbon, etc)

During the judgement we saw things that should be modified and we discussed about modifications of the category and criteria, I took note of everything and soon will start to make a new version.

The judgment is done, by contrast with previous championship, nobody know already the final scores and this is nice, so Karine start to sum up every points of each judging form and fill the excel sheet with the scores, I go outside a moment to eat something, I need a coffee.

The break ended and I help Karine to sum up points for the next hours before going to dinner in a French bistrot.

Dominique, the business partner of Yoann as the previous day engage himself to make our dinner as agreeable as possible, breeders are still arriving and suddenly the bistrot is totally full.

Time for a group picture and to go back to hotel, boot, home, tonight we might sleep a bit more.

Back to the Yoann’s boot with Florian, we now having a look to Yoann’s  secret shrimps cave, small but awesome, it’s a wonderful ingenious hidden world, right take the camera and shoot some pictures of his shrimps (thanks Florian for spare batteries).  Tonight I’ll sleep again on the sofa, Gilles is not here and his side of the couch is now occupied by the alfa bull terrier which is already snoring.

New day, new task, let’s go to the fair, check again the final scores, attach the sticker (1st, 2nd, 3rd) on each category, do another judging round to chose the best in show looking only on the first placed shrimps of each category, look at the public favorite shrimps set  and prepare the awards for the ceremony.

Everybody here?? Ok we can start with the ceremony, Yoann is now the speaker and Karine assist him with awards, everybody else is looking at them with trepidation and a lot of camera and smartphone are ready to shoot.

The best in show trophy is really awesome, a shrimp sculpture made of metal by a local artist, is in my opinion the best trophy I saw so far in a shrimps contest, and will land straight to Markus Hafermann a known German breeder who deserved it with his nice black bee.

As usual and as expected the public favorite shrimps is a set of shrimps that didn’t reach the podium (zebra pinto of Florian Gribonvald) but right this is the nice thing of giving the opportunity to visitors to elect their favorite shrimps.

What about placement of other breeders??

Category 1 – Judges : Sebastian Prati, Matthias Jesenko, Yoann Petitjean
1st : Rafal Janusch (PL)
2nd : Cristian Ghia (I)

Category 2
(No shrimp)

 Category 3 – Judges : Corine Van mourik, Cristian Ghia, Yoann Petitjean
1st : Marcus Hafermann (D)
2nd : Matthias Jesenko (A)
3rd : Steve Serratan (F)

 Category 4 – Judges : Corine Van Mourik, Cristian Ghia, Mura Killic
1st : Marcus Hafermann (D) – Best In Show

Category 5 – Judges : David Vandenabeele, Michal Paczkowski, Monique Klaver
1st : Cristian Ghia (I)
2nd : Corine Van Mourik (NL)
3rd : Luca Alvisi (I)

Category 6 – Judges : Rafal maciaszek, Sebastian Prati, Waldemar Kolecki
1st : Matthias Jesenko (A)
2nd : Cristian Ghia (I)
3rd : Matthias Jesenko (A)

 Category 7 – Judges : Michal Paczowski, Mura kilic, Waldemar kolecki
1st : Stev Kolditz (D)
2nd : Michael Nadal (D)
3rd : J-Michel Henninot (F)

Category 8 – Judges : Cristian Ghia, Michal Paczkowski, Sebastian Prati
1st : Steve Serratan (F)
2nd : Corinne Van Mourik (NL)
3rd : J-Michel Henninot (F)

Category 9 – Judges : Cristian Ghia, David Vandenabeele, Rafal Maciaszek
1st : Monique Klaver (NL)
2nd : Monique Klaver (NL)
3rd :  J-Michel Henninot (F)

Category 10 – Judges : Michal Paczkowski, Waldemar Kolecki, Yoann Petitjean
1st : Corine Van Mourik (NL)
2nd : Catherine Bastide (F)
3rd : Stéphane Bardot (F)

Category 11 – Judges : Cristian Ghia, Mura Kilic, Matthias Jesenko
1st : Catherine Bastide (F)
2nd : Monique Klaver (NL)
3rd : Monique Klaver (NL)

Category 12 – Judges : Cristian Ghia, Monique Klaver, Sebastian Prati
1st : Fred Nicole (F)
2nd : Stev Kolditz (D)
3rd : Rafal Janusch (PL)

Category 13 – Judges : Corine Van Mourik, David Vandenabeele , Sebastian Prati
1st : Chi Tai Lee (TW)
2nd : Andreas Klis (D)
3rd : Andreas Klis (D)

Category 14 – Judges : Monique Klaver, Rafal Maciaszek, Matthias Jesenko
1st : Silane (SG)
2nd : J-Michel Henninot (F)
3rd : Silane (SG)

Category 15 – Judges : Corine Van Mourik, David Vandenabeele,  Rafal Maciaszek
1st : Rafal Janusch (PL)
2nd : Rafal Janusch (PL)
3rd : Silane (SG)


Well guys, my time is gone, and I’ve to go back home, I’m sorry If I can’t stay until the end of the day but tomorrow I have to wake up early because of work so I want to be at home in time. It was nice to be there and meet us all once again so I just want to thank you for the good time spent together.

I forgot to say something?

Ahhh yes, forgot the final considerations about the shrimps in competition. Honestly I can say that the general quality of shrimps was similar to other contest held in Europe this year, according to various opinions, the most remarkable set of shrimps were the set of black bee of Markus Hafermann (best in show and first in his category) and the set of vesty  of Steve Serratan (first in his category).I apologies with the readers that I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to take nice pictures of the shrimps.

Hope to see you there next year 😉

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